Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How can Gmail users receive email alerts via SMS

Receive email alerts via SMS

Gmail has features aims to provide different facilities to users to make access of their mail easy. Users can also receive email alerts on their phone through SMS which allows users to get to know about when they have got any mail and they can respond to it accordingly. In order to receive email alerts users are required to follow the given steps

·        Login to your gmail account

·        Go to the settings option

·        On the new opened page select labels

·        Then select the option of create new label

·        Name the label and select create option

·        Now select filters

·        On the bottom of page select create a filter

·        Enter the details and create a filter

·        From the combo box in front of label select name smsmail

·        Select the blue button of create label

After users will set their mobile number to receive SMS notifications then their work would go with much better speed and they would be able to keep themselves updated. In order to get assistance in doing so they can also get the Gmail customer service and overcome their issues. Users can get connected with the experts by calling them or by visiting the support page.

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